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Bob's Big Blowout part 1 by Inflationism Bob's Big Blowout part 1 by Inflationism
Aries Passadar, legendary mercenary, former general in the Gural Uprising, notorious curmudgeon and moonlighting bounty huntress had tracked her elusive prey to the shabby, old-fashioned bar on Industrial Row. She knew he'd be wily, but she had never failed a mission and this wasn't about to be the start.

Or so she thought.

Inside, Kamubob sat at the bar and drowned his weariness in a glass of Roran ale. He had tried to put a bullet in the head of the dogged and relentless Aries Passadar, but she was a veteran of war and knew how to keep hidden. She had no permanent address and no place he could stalk. He knew too that as he attempted to find her, she was looking for him. Little did the sniper for hire know that she was fully aware of his movements and had led him on a merry chase until she knew he'd be exhausted.

She threw open the doors and in that instant, Kamubob's keen intuition told him he was in incredible danger. The alcohol that had fogged his mind burned away instantly, sobering him in time to draw the pistol he kept, loaded, under his jacket and spinning around with a smug grin.

His shit-eating smirk vanished as she kicked the gun right out of his hand with enough force to make his fingers ache with the telltale signs of greenstick breaks.

He saw her draw her sword and his intuitive sense of danger rocketed to the sensation of a man watching a hurricane roll in. He ducked just as her sword passed, cutting cleanly through the bottles and glass on the bartop behind him. He had never seen anything like it!

He snatched up his sniper rifle, feeling a wave of heat passing where her sword had passed, then did what any sensible, red-blooded person would do in that situation.

Scream like a little girl and run for the door like Hell itself was after him!

Which in a way... it was.

Story writen by zucca drawn by clever fox man.
Aries Passadar is owned by zucca
kamubob is owned by cleverfoxman.
zededd Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2011  Student Digital Artist
hahaa! "scream like a girl and run for the door" aw man, that's going to be fun to see XD love the action. you drew it very well :D
jdpics Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2011
lol :lmao: I love that guys face.

nice work!
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